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Our founder, Cyril grew up in Singapore and has spent much of his career successfully solving complex problems. Before he set up the company, his wife has insomnia due to work stress and anxiety over the years. She finds herself having short-term memory during the day, poor immune system function and dry skin. She tried using sleeping pills to improve her sleep for a short period of time but the medicine can have serious side effects and can cause dependent on the medication.

In searching for solutions, Cyril bought some essential oils in Tokyo that can be used for aromatherapy and internally for his wife. He also learnt from a Japan physician that CBD oil has efficacy against anxiety and work stress, he noticed CBD and essential oil are both 100% plant extracts.

With advise from the physician, he tried infuse a small amount of CBD extract with essential oil into a carrier. After using it a few days, his wife can sleep well all night and feel refresh during the day with no side effects. Her immune system and skin condition has also improved since then.

Cyril is surprised by the effectiveness. He approached hemp professionals and lab scientists to test out more formulations with premium quality CBD from cannabis sativa and essential oils that can reduce the risk of many other common health problems.

He decided to share the results from his findings and help more people.

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