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How to use CBD Oil Topically

Take 1 serving (1ml) of our CBD Oil, and add into your daily topicals / lotions. CBD is suspended in liposomes to help penetrate deep into the skin while other ingredients nourish and rejuvenate to help combat redness and dryness.

It helps heal and protect skin from the ravages of daily life brought about by UV* from the sun, pollutants in the air, and lifestyles that don’t always let you care for your skin the way you should. The cannabinoid—and other natural ingredients won’t pass effectively into the bloodstream.

However, topical / lotion CBD does penetrate the epidermis of the skin to produce deeply nourishing effects via the receptors of the skin (ECS of the skin). Tasked with keeping the skin functioning properly, the cutaneous ECS dictates the delicate balance of proliferation, growth, and cell differentiation.

Cyril Chang

UBCBD, Founder

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